High valorization for your raw material.

Logistic and technical support for raw material management.

Precise sampling at reception which guarantee quality, trust and traceability.

Supply chain

Suppliers :
Metal merchants.
Recycling plants.
Industrial users of non-ferrous metals.
Our own customers.

Pyrometallurgical processes for reducing and refining

Implemented in optimum environmental conditions.

Secondary Raw material

Industrial raw material or scrap containing mainly tin or lead and other elements like Ag, Sb, Bi, Cu...

Recycled materials

  • metallic scrap (anode, foil, pewter),
  • ingots from soldering process,
  • manufacturing scrap (jewelry, automotive, bearings),
  • metallic drosses,
  • oxides,
  • dust,
  • sludge.

Technical and historical knowledge of raw materials.

Lots of opportunities for our products

Metals or alloys which perfectly fit the requirements of our customers.
Half products or waste valorized in other sectors.

"Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed."

Antoine Lavoisier
Recycling design
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