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The company was founded in 1989 by M.Large, who has remained CEO until 2004. Located in the north of Paris, since the beginning, the main activities of Etain Soudures has been production of tin and lead based alloys, and recycling of secondary raw materials coming from users of these non-ferrous metals.

In 2005, the family group Bourson Investments and Sidmet, already important players in the field of non-ferrous metals, have joined forces to take over the company Etain Soudures and bring it through a new course.

This company was transferred in early 2005 in the French Ardennes, on another site of production in order to maximize the recycling of secondary materials in optimum environmental conditions, and produce alloys with increased means of quality control.



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Etain Soudures has been developed, both nationally and internationally, by increasing the fields of raw materials it could be treated in its facilities and by ensuring quality alloys always at competitive prices. New alloys have also been developed for new applications or to meet new customer needs (for example : lead-free alloys for some applications).

Today, with a volume of about 1,000 tons per year, a turnover of 7 million euros according to the fluctuating metal prices, with its experience, its know-how and production facilities at its disposal, Etain Soudures can bring you :

  • a production of special or standard alloys, from primary metals or from our recycling processes. This allows us to provide many applications such as construction, jewelry, mechanical, electronic, automotive...,
  • optimum recycling of your raw materials and industrial waste containing tin or lead,
  • a reliable partner, efficient, fast, attentive to both its customers and its suppliers.
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